EACH ONE, TEACH ONE! By enriching children's knowledge through mentorship programs we strengthen our community.

The mission of our organization is to identify, create and sustain community equity in neighborhoods most impacted by redlining, violence and poverty. We provide equitable access to the arts, sports, education, fitness, community and more.

Kedaer Park

Executive Director
phone: (845) 559-0618 ext. 101

Coby Jones II

Chief Financial Officer
phone: (845) 559-0618

Kevin Paige

Creative Director
phone: (845) 559-0618 ext. 104

Starasia Fernandez

Youth Coordinator
phone: (845) 559-0618 ext. 105

Ariel Feliz

Program Director
phone: (845) 559-0618 ext. 105

Derek Wilson Sr

Director Of Communications and Marketing
phone: (845) 559-0618

After hours number

phone: (845) 597-0760

Our work is specifically dedicated to providing youth and families access to equitable and inclusive access to opportunities in; education, art, sports, housing, employment, business financial education as well as physical and mental health referrals and services.







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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” .

Dr. Seuss The Lorax

Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth

Shirley Chisholm

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have

Maya Angelou

One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am.

Michelle Obama

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